Vision Fortune "Night Jukes"

2012 / moving image

The origins of this piece lay in an attempt to form a tangible correlation between music and colour, combining both into

a cohesive whole. The failure of this revealed a far more intriguing field of work: the marriage of

visual and aural media on a metaphysical level: rather than sound subjectively informing an image (as a music video

would), an image's viewpoint is objectively altered by sound.

Laura Lamn (formerly Ophelia) "Hit The Brakes"

2014 / moving image

(Youtube link)

Directed, shot, and edited by Nathan David Smith (http://nathandavidsmith.co.uk)

for None of That (http://noneofthat.co.uk)

Song produced and mixed by Steven Weston (http://stevenweston.com)

Makeup by Ellie Gill (http://elliegill.co.uk)

Hair by Helen Tran

Additional lighting and camera assistance by Dilesh Patel and Peter Smith

This video features The League of Movable Type's font 'Ostrich Sans', available here and licensed under an SIL Open Font License.